Within our consultancy, we provide a service to companies who require implementation, assistance and/or maintenance of SHE (Safety, Health & Environmental) systems and SHEQ (Safety, Health & Environmental Quality systems. By implementation & legal compliance, we can improve your company performance, enhance your company image, as well as eliminate the risk of legal non-compliance.

If you answer NO to the following questions, we suggest you immediately make use of our services:

1. Do all your employees have contracts of employment & signed job descriptions?
2. Have you done an annual Risk Assessment on your business?
3. Have you done a compliance audit to determine short comings in terms of the OHS Act?
4. Have you done your legal appointments?


It is the process of identifying hazards, evaluating those risks associated with the hazards and assessing the effectiveness of the controls in place, in order to control or reduce those risks.
When dealing with the Environment component of SHE, we refer to the Implementation & Maintenance of a system to identify aspects and their impact.


  • To ensure that our client is compliant with legislation & company policies
  • To ensure a healthy relationship & work environment between management & all staff
  • It is financially beneficial to our client, i.e. increased productivity, reduced down-time & waste
  • Quality service, quality life & improvement in moral standards

We are flexible when it comes to our pricing and that is why we offer hourly rates and per project rates. You will find that our fees will suit your company needs and budget.